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Graduate & Professional Studies

  • Business School

Master of Science in Counterterrorism

Analyze, assess, and mitigate risk for public and private security services in one of today’s fastest growing job markets. You’ll study the factors contributing to homegrown and international violent extremism, including the media’s impact on recruitment and retention, alongside real-world applications like cybersecurity and border security.

We’re proud to offer discounts to first responders and law enforcement professionals, as well as special pricing for active duty, reserve, and veteran military service professionals.

  • $775
    Per Credit
  • 30
  • 18

Teaching From Experience

  • Business School

Honoring Our Heroes

We've always given First Responders a 20% discount on tuition. Now, we're giving even more back with an exclusive match, growing your discount to an incredible 40%! Take advantage of this exciting savings while it lasts when you Apply Today! This discount is only available to new applicants currently employed as First Responders registering for their first course in the Master of Science in Counterterrorism Program. Contact Beth Piuze with questions. 

  • Business School

Operation Blackout

MSC Professors and Students are In On The Action
Nichols own Dr. McDowell-Smith was recently a featured member of the Red Team during Operation Blackout, a simulated Election Day hack that included participants from DHS, the Secret Service, state and local law enforcement, and Harvard. McDowell-Smith also took students to participate in the 2019 Cybersecurity Incident Response Workshop as part of the Governor’s Cyber Resiliency Working Group! It’s these opportunities to grow your network while learning from working professionals that make our Counterterrorism program unique and valuable.

Successful Professionals

  • Analysts

    The backbone of the intelligence community, deciphering data from disparate sources under tight deadlines and crafting easily-digested memos for key policy-makers.

  • Officers

    State and local law enforcement are the first line of defense against any extremist activity, working to reduce violence and protect our community every day.

  • Service Members

    You live on the front lines, defending our nation from threats both foreign and domestic, and we can help you learn to assess and mitigate today’s most unique threats. 

  • Business School
The Counterterrorism program goes hand-in hand with what I am currently doing with my role as a Marine Corps Reservist. It gave me insight in what is going on around the world and different job opportunities that I might have coming down the line.
— Mario Turner

Countdown to Your MSC

  • Common Core (12 credits)

  • MSC Focus – 18 Credits