Mentor Opportunities

As a business leader, your wealth of wisdom and experience has become integral to your community. But there was a time when you were just starting your journey, and when your mentors shared their time and expertise to help shape your success. If you’re in a position to give that same gift of mentoring to some of today’s brightest grad students, Nichols’ Mentor Program might be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

At Nichols College, we see ourselves as community partners, developing the talent that will keep our local economy strong and ensure you always have a reliable, confident pool of business collaborators to choose from. By participating in our Mentor Program, you can take an active role in that partnership.

Our graduate students are working hard to earn the skills they need to make a positive change in their lives. Students enrolled in our MBA, MSOL, MSA and MSC programs are encouraged to choose mentors from our pool who can provide the real-world coaching they need to help them navigate their professional journey and grow as people. With you as their mentor, these future leaders are sure to succeed.


  • » Nichols College Values

    Nichols College Values 

    Our institution is guided by a set of simple core principles, laid out in the Graduate & Professional Studies mission statement:

    Graduate & Professional Studies engages students in a collaborative, career-focused business and leadership education within a flexible learning environment.

    We believe in:

    • Student success
    • Lifelong learning
    • Free and open intellectual inquiry and expression
    • Integrity and ethical behavior
    • Accountability
    • Customer focus
    • Excellence

    We commit ourselves to:

    • Prepare students for the future
    • Impart knowledge on which students can build
    • Treat all individuals with dignity, respect and fairness
    • Exemplify our values by serving as teachers and role models
    • Remain current in our academic disciplines and professional fields
    • Reward creativity and innovation
  • » Nichols College Students

    Nichols College Students

    Our graduate students are looking to advance in their current careers or make a career change. Students eligible for our Mentor Program are students enrolled in our MBA, MSOL, MSA or MSC programs.

  • » Mentor Responsibilities

    Mentor Responsibilities

    Establish an effective relationship

    To help ensure a positive experience, we request that mentors:

    • Establish trust with mentees and maintain confidentiality
    • Listen actively
    • Act as a resource
    • Challenge mentees to think and analyze situations
    • Offer constructive and meaningful feedback and critical analysis
    • Help mentees identify specific goals
    • Offer support, advice and counsel

    Offer support and guidance

    As a mentor, your goal is to share your knowledge and skills to help coach a student along their professional journey. Here are some ways you can help guide your mentee:

    • Share your unique professional experience
    • Serve as a sounding board for ideas
    • Provide vision and insight
    • Give career guidance
    • Provide encouragement to build self-confidence
    • Lead by example

    Honor the time commitment

    • Agree to a 1-year commitment
    • Commit to spending a minimum of 2 hours per month with the mentee, in person or on the phone
    • Attend an orientation via conference call
    • Agree to communicate regularly (once a month via a feedback form) with the Director of Academic Programs

    The Mentor Program is run as a 1-credit course, Nichols Experience II: Learn, Lead, Succeed. The program is overseen by the Director of Academic Programs, who is responsible for recruiting, screening and appointing mentors, matching graduate students with mentors, and ensuring that both mentors and students are meeting the expectations of the program.

  • » Mentor Benefits

    Mentor Benefits

    Being a mentor is an opportunity to share your experience, knowledge and skills with a Nichols graduate student who could greatly benefit from your perspective and advice as they create their own professional path. Acting as a coach and guide to a future leader presents many benefits to the mentor.

    Benefits to the mentor:

    • Personal fulfillment through developing future leaders of our business community
    • Satisfaction in helping someone reach their goals
    • Expansion of professional network
    • Tools and training on effective mentorship practices
    • An opportunity to grow and refine mentoring/coaching skills
    • Pass on experience and personal knowledge

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