Graduate Consulting

Masters Immersive Consulting Initiative (MICI)

Every business leader has a stack of projects that just never seem to get done no matter how good their team is. Whether it’s a piece of lifestyle marketing that would go great on the web or some efficiency analysis that you just know would squeeze a little more black into the ledger, we’ve all been there.

The Nichols College Masters Immersive Consulting Initiative is designed to give business leaders like you the chance to work with a team of skilled graduate students on the challenges and opportunities that you haven’t been able to take advantage of yet.

If you need to open new markets, optimize channels, or maximize efficiencies, partnering with the Nichols MICI students gets you actionable solutions in just a few weeks with no financial obligation. Our graduate students gain valuable experience putting their academic and professional skills to use for you under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Accelerate your business with consultation from Nichols graduate students.

  • Eager, energetic participants
  • Out-of-the-box, but fully grounded, solutions
  • Strategic analysis your team doesn’t have the cycles for
  • A growth opportunity for your business and our students

Nichols College Master's Immersive Consulting Initiative with Joseph Couillard from Nichols College on Vimeo.

Jeffrey Turgeon and Lauren Morano on Working with Nichols College Graduate Consultants from Nichols College on Vimeo.

Harold Pinkham on Working with Nichols College Graduate Consultants from Nichols College on Vimeo.

“The MICI program seemed like a great opportunity, there was no risk outside a little bit of time. We asked the students to help us come up with a process for connecting and staying connected to our college mentors. The student team was very professional and efficient with their time. They came to us with several suggestions on how to address an issue that was hurting our organization, and we’ll be implementing them our program moving forward. We were very satisfied with the outcome.”

Harold Pinkham
Director of Advancement
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Mass/ Metrowest, Inc.

“We have a lot of business needs that we just don’t have the resources for. We were looking for a partner when a colleague referred us to Nichols. We asked the students to build us a 3-year plan for a new startup program, and were thrilled with the report they came back with. We’ve now launched the program and are looking forward to future collaborations with Nichols College.”

Kathy Petkauskos
Work Without Limits

Why partner with Nichols Grad students?

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On Your Schedule

We tailor our corporate partnerships to work with your calendar and to meet your deadlines.

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Creative Solutions

Critical thinking and problem solving are primary lessons at Nichols, and our students put them to use every day for business leaders just like you.

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Giving Back

Business leaders like you are helping to build a stronger community by giving these opportunities to local graduate students.

No  Fees

Absolutely No Fees

Nichols College is committed to providing value added services to the community, free of charge.


Reach out and introduce yourself to our MICI coordinator, Joseph Couillard, to find out what Nichols College graduate students can do for your business.

Joseph Couillard

Joseph Couillard
(508) 213-2030
joseph [dot] couillard [at] nichols [dot] edu