Corporate Partnerships

Partner with Nichols to develop key talent and future company leaders

As a senior manager or CEO, you know your employees are your biggest asset. And developing and growing that asset leads to a stronger, more competitive, more successful business. By partnering with Nichols, you can leverage your employee education benefits to create an affordable and customized degree or certificate program that weaves your company’s project work right into the curriculum—giving you an even higher return on your investment.

Not only will your employees grow professionally, a corporate partnership with Nichols will boost your employee retention, increase productivity, and create a more highly educated corporate culture. The staff you’re already invested in will learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills they can apply to their jobs immediately, while also earning a career-relevant degree. And with no loss of staff or productivity during work hours, it’s much more cost-effective than workday training.

Align with Nichols, and we’ll collaborate with your company to customize a program that helps meet your business goals, including:

  • Degree programs, including a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Accounting, and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Certificate Programs
  • Professional development and customized workforce training
  • Brown-bag lunch & learn programs
  • Provider of Workforce Development

We can also offer classroom opportunities if your employees are interested in practicing their skills in a win-win setting. Employees can learn from and participate in:

  • Conducting mock interviews to hone their interviewing skills
  • Guest lectures
  • Adjunct faculty opportunities
  • Internships
  • Career panels
  • Becoming a mentor

Nichols is also available to partner with your company to facilitate your grant-writing process to secure workforce development funding. And we can manage your tuition program, allowing you to maximize your corporate education funds. We’ll help you create a workforce even better prepared to meet your challenges today and tomorrow.

For corporate partners with 12 or more students, Nichols will waive application fees and offer discounted tuition. Contact Beth Piuze, beth [dot] piuze [at] nichols [dot] edu, 774-479-2439, to learn more!

Why Nichols works for you

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Get there faster

Courses are offered in accelerated seven-week sessions, so you can complete your MBA in as little as 18 months.

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Build skills you’ll use today

With a curriculum that's always current, expert faculty and strong Mentor Program, you'll be ready.

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Learn how you want & when you can

With HyFlex learning, students can balance education with the rest of their life. They’ll choose how they want to learn each week—in class or online in real time.

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Make an investment that pays off

You’re already invested in your workforce. Nichols continues that smart investment by offering great value for the time and money you dedicate.

Admission Requirements

Contact us to learn more about the admissions process for Corporate Partnerships. We will make it work for you!


Beth Piuze, Assistant Director of Recruiting and Admissions, 508-713-3187, .