Corporate Programs

Helping companies and employees transform business as usual

Whether you’re a working professional looking to take the next step in your career or a CEO seeking to develop your greatest asset—your own employees—Nichols will help you lead the way and will have a profound effect on how you do business.

A partnership with Nichols College can help you expand your skills (or your employees’ skills) to better achieve your business goals—whether that’s growing your organization, improving efficiency or learning to deal smarter and faster with a shifting competitive landscape.

Nichols offers customized corporate programs that benefit both employees and organizations, on campus or at your company, with a flexibility that doesn’t disrupt workflow. Develop your brightest talents with Nichols College and we’ll make sure they’re ready for anything.

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Business Professionals

Master business skills that make you more valuable in your current job and more marketable for future opportunities.

  • Learn tactics and techniques you’ll apply directly in your current job, starting today
  • No textbooks
  • Choose where, when, and how you want to learn each week

Career Benefits

Open doors in your current job and forge new paths by honing your business knowledge and gaining hands-on leadership skills. Set yourself up to succeed in your company and to navigate a changing business landscape.

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Employers & Hiring Managers

Raise the bar. Help your employees master the professional skills that benefit them and your company.

  • Customize curriculums to get the biggest ROI on your tuition benefits
  • No textbooks
  • Participants choose where, when, and how they want to learn each week

Career Benefits

Develop the talents that will lead and build teams, come up with creative solutions, and move your company forward.

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Corporate Partnerships

Invest in your greatest asset—your employees—with programs that can be customized for your company and your business needs.

  • Customized curriculum to deliver on your strategic goals
  • Nichols can manage your tuition reimbursement for you—minimizing hassle and maximizing your ROI
  • No textbooks

Career Benefits

By developing key talent and future company leaders, you’ll set your company and your employees up for mutually beneficial success.

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