Strategic HR Management Certificate

HR is a healthy, growing and expanding field. An American City Business Journals analysis of 793 occupations in the country's largest metropolitan areas found that “HR specialist” is the fastest-growing job in the nation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual wage for human resources managers was $106,910 in May 2016.

  • These classes give students an edge if they are looking to transition to HR or move up in HR

Numerous studies have shown employers are reporting candidates do not have the right soft skills (problem-solving, interpersonal skills, communication, teamwork, and leadership).

  • These classes focus on strengthening these skills.

SHRM is the world's largest HR professional society, representing 285,000 members. Every 3 years, SHRM certified professionals need to recertify their credentials though professional development hours.

  • This certificate satisfies this needs

Target audience

  • MSOL students looking to add an HR certificate to their degree
  • MBA students looking to add an HR track/certificate to their degree
  • Nichols undergraduates with an HR major or HR interest
  • Prospective students looking to transition to HR, move up in HR or become a more well-rounded business professional in their industry

With this program you will

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Get where you want to be

Aspire to be a manager or supervisor one day? This certificate program is a great way to lay the groundwork for evolving your career.

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Get there faster

Time is money. So our courses are offered in accelerated seven-week sessions.

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Build skills you’ll use today

With a curriculum that’s always current and a faculty of industry experts, you’ll develop valued skills you’ll use in your career right now.

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Learn how you want & when you can

Seamlessly balance your education with the rest of your life. Choose how you want to learn each week—in class or online in real time.


    • MSOL-734 HR Foundations for the Present and Future

      Regardless of your current role or future aspirations in business, having a foundational understanding of human resources will be critical to your success. From a real-time big picture viewpoint, this class will allow you to examine advanced HR trends, debates, conundrums and controversies. Matters covered in this class include, but are not limited to, current events related to HR, the future of HR, HR’s role in an organization, and an overview of employee relations, workplace law, diversity management and performance management.

      As a result of this course you will:

      1. Recognize how current and future business and HR trends will impact your business
      2. Demonstrate resourcefulness when gathering and collecting information relevant to HR
      3. Identify when a complex problem needs to be reviewed and solved using human resource knowledge and skills
    • MSOL-744 Strategic Partnering in HR

      You won’t make it in business, HR or life if you don’t know how to build credibility, identify win-win solutions, leverage your stakeholders and create strategic plans all while communicating effectively.  In this class, from a HR standpoint, you’ll boost you’re strategic partnering skills by enhancing your overall business acumen, strategic planning and interpersonal skills in a group based learning environment.

      As a result of this course you will:

      1. Demonstrate how HR is strategically important to your organization’s core business functions using data, metrics and internal and external resources
      2. Demonstrate the ability to implement and monitor strategy
      3. Implement a variety of relationship management techniques into your day-to-day communication efforts and strategy
    • MSOL-754 Change Management, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior

      In HR, the only thing certain is constant change. To help ensure you are better prepared for the unknowns that lay ahead, you’ll be exposed to a variety of change management, leadership and organizational behavior theories, structures, resources and best practices. You’ll then be given the opportunity to directly apply and practice these skills in this group based experiential class.

      As a result of this course you will:

      1. Develop your ability to lead, plan and implement change
      2. Demonstrate how intrinsic and extrinsic motivators differ and when to use each
      3. Use advanced leadership and organizational behavior concepts and techniques to influence and motivate others to achieve and sustain workplace engagement and performance