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Graduate & Professional Studies

  • Business School

Operations Management and Six Sigma

If you’re a manager or a business professional looking to improve your process and your bottom line, this certificate may be just what you need. You’ll learn about today’s Six Sigma best practices, systems analysis, and quality control while earning the credentials you need to compete. 

  • $725
    Per Credit
  • 9
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  • Business School
With operations being a huge aspect of any business, it was important to me to obtain the Six Sigma Certificate, and has been able to help me in my career by finding cost reductions in inventory.
— Christine Terranova

Successful Professionals

  • Operations Managers

    Production oversight goes way beyond responsibility. If you take pride in building good systems, diving deep into Six Sigma efficiencies can bring great value to your company.

  • Process Analyst

    We’ll help you learn to break it all down into components and put your systems back together in a new way that maximizes efficiency for you company and your career.

  • Compliance Engineer

    If the safety buck stops with you, our certificate may be the perfect way to learn more about cutting edge processes designed to help at every step of production.

  • Required Courses