Enhance your leadership skills. Learn to shape, guide, and inspire.

Who: Supervisors, managers and business leaders who want to improve their leadership skills through self-discovery and best practices; small-business owners; newly appointed supervisors; chief executives; those aspiring to be managers one day.

Why: Leaders shape an organization by articulating the goals and visions of a company and inspiring others to rally around those ideas. Learn the fundamental principles of leadership and focus on the skills that great leaders implement to be successful. The program takes participants beyond management and shows them step-by-step how to form and maintain strong relationships with team members through coaching, development and multiculturalism.

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  • MSOL-705 Leadership Experience

    Organizational success rises and falls on leadership. This interactive course draws upon life experience to enhance understanding and implementation of best practices for leading an organization. (pre-requisite BUS 610)As a result of this course, the student will: 1. Analyze organizational culture and its impact on performance 2. Apply leadership concepts, theories, and processes to real life business models 3. Identify leadership traits, personal strengths and weaknesses 4. Analyze how leadership traits manifest themselves in behaviors in work and community environments 5. Devise a plan for personal growth and improvement
  • MSOL-715 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

    Negotiation and conflict occur routinely within and between organizations, and the ability to handle these situations is critical. This course examines the strategies and techniques needed to become an effective negotiator. Students will examine the elements of the negotiation process, including bargaining and persuasion strategies, within a variety of settings. Conflict management will also be addressed and we will focus on interpersonal conflict, mediation, investigation, and arbitration. (pre-requisite BUS 610)As a result of this course, the student will: 1. Learn to recognize conflict as it is beginning 2. Evaluate the characteristics of different conflict types 3. Apply techniques to adapt to different situations and diffuse conflict 4. Identify personal conflict style
  • MSOL-725 Individual, Team, Manager, Mentor, Leader

    Individuals assume many roles within modern organizations. The goal of this course is to aid the student in identifying the various roles and analyzing personal traits that best qualify individuals to move up in the organization and lead and mentor others. (pre-requisite BUS 610)As a result of this course, the student will: 1. Critically evaluate principles of leadership, team building, and human relations 2. Identify roles of various employees using appropriate assessment methods 3. Contrast the overlapping roles assumed by personnel and devise strategies to improve effectiveness 4. Illustrate the cultivation of mentoring and leadership skills