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Graduate & Professional Studies

  • Business School

Data Analytics

Data drives modern business, helping entrepreneurs and professionals make quality, quantitative decisions about performance and direction that are based on more than just intuition. It all starts with quality collection, but data must be analyzed to be understood. At every stage, businesses rely on trained professionals to interpret and act on data in order to maximize value. If you’re one of those professionals, or if you want to be, our analytics certificate is the perfect way to ensure that you’re operating under the most current best practices.

  • $775
    Per Credit
  • 3
  • 1x
    Per Week
  • Business School
With the Hyflex program I had the ability to take classes at home if I needed to and not feel like I missed any of the material. Have that flexibility with a small daughter at home was important to me. 
— Jennifer Wood

Successful Professionals

  • Research Analyst

    There are answers out there. If your company has been collecting the data, but can’t trust it or can’t take action, we can help you discover the value buried there.

  • Project Manager

    Accountability is job one for professionals like you, but how do you stay current on the latest trends? A certificate in Data Analytics will help you define, build, and execute your plan.

  • Data Scientist

    If you can see the forest through the trees and chart a course to success, or if you want to learn how, our certificate may be just the compass you’ve been searching for.

  • Required Courses

Nichols College Graduate Certificate Programs

Certificates are a fast, affordable way to grow your professional value. These programs are open to every professional with a bachelor's degree, and all credits earned can be put toward your Nichols master's degree if you decide to continue your education.