Advanced Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Make strides by mastering valuable management skills

Who: For professionals in risk management, negotiations or consulting

Why: Learn to translate abstract ideas into tangible results and evaluate ideas objectively to generate solutions to problems within the constraints of company culture. Participants will also be able to solve problems more effectively by learning to recognize common issues and critical business problems that occur across industry and management.

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  • MBA-730 Critical Thinking

    Designed as a business "think tank," this course gives students the opportunity to learn from experts as well as classmates when considering business decisions. Participants will be guided through the thinking process necessary for success in management.As a result of this course, the student will: 1. Identify issues that transcend any single discipline or function of management 2. Analyze, communicate, and debate fundamental issues that arise in organizations 3. Develop an enhanced ability to identify critical questions when exploring a new business issue
  • MBA-740 Creative Decision Making

    Creativity is not always innate. It can be developed and improved. Based on the exploration of decision-making theory and current literature on the topic, this course begins with understanding the nature of creative thinking and provides a structured approach to problem solving. It is this understanding and structure that allows participants to learn quickly how to solve problems, generate fresh ideas, and then work with those ideas effectively.As a result of this course, the student will: 1. Evaluate and apply a wide range of practical techniques to understand problems thoroughly 2. Generate and develop new ideas and solutions for real world situations 3. Compare, evaluate and communicate solutions and ideas effectively
  • MBA-750 Problem Solving and Analysis

    This course is designed to teach the skills necessary to identify and analyze problems in a business environment, weigh alternatives, and propose solutions.As a result of this course, the student will: • Identify potential problems in a simulated business model • Propose solutions which will avoid major disruptions in business • Analyze actual business models and evaluate the chosen course of action