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Graduate & Professional Studies

Grading Policies

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The point value for each grade received is multiplied by the number of credit hours for that course. A total of the grade points for the semester’s courses is then divided by the overall credit hours attempted in order to determine the term’s grade point average (GPA). A perfect average would be 4.0 (A).

The term grade point average includes only grades received in a given term. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is a measure of the student’s total coursework attempted at Nichols College. To figure the cumulative grade point average, the total number of grade points (the sum of all course grades multiplied by their grade point values) is divided by the total number of credit hours attempted. Credits assigned W grades are not counted in the total of attempted credit hours for the GPA or CGPA. Exception: Financial aid calculations count credits associated with W grades as attempted credit hours.

Grades of AU and W have no effect on GPA. A grade of P is counted toward hours earned but does not have a quality point value. Grades WF and F are included in hours attempted but represent no earned hours and 0.0 grade points.


Grade reports are available to all students online at the end of each session.


Letter grades are awarded in all courses as follows:

GPALetter Grade1-100 Scale

AU: This grade is awarded only with the permission of the Registrar during add/drop.

W: This grade indicates that the student withdrew within the first four (4) weeks of a semester.

WF: This grade is awarded in instances of academic dishonesty.

I: This grade indicates that coursework was not completed. I grades must be removed within seven (7) weeks of being issued or the Registrar will change the grade to F.

P: Pass (This grade applies to courses on a pass or fail basis; see the Registrar for regulations governing pass or fail courses.)

This publication provides information concerning the programs at Nichols College and does not constitute a contract with the student.

The policies and procedures contained in the 2019-current Nichols College Catalog will remain in effect until otherwise noted. Nichols College reserves the right to change at any time the rules governing admission, tuition, fees, courses, the granting of degrees, or any other regulations affecting the campus community. Such changes are to take effect whenever college officials deem necessary.