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Graduate & Professional Studies

Statement of Financial Aid Eligibility

To receive financial aid at Nichols College, a matriculated student must complete all financial aid application requirements, enroll in at least 4 credits per semester, and maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Enrollment Status

A student’s enrollment status may affect the type and amount of financial aid for which he or she qualifies. The chart below shows the credits needed per semester for each status:

 StatusGraduate Students

6 or more credits


Not applicable


4 credits

*Students attending less than half-time in any semester are ineligible for most forms of financial aid, with the exception of Pell Grants.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Recipients of federal financial aid, including most loan programs, must make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. Both attempted credits (quantitative) and cumulative grade point average (qualitative) factor into satisfactory academic progress. Students are reviewed for progress at the end of the spring semester.

Qualitative Measures of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduate students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Course grades W (Withdrawn), I (Incomplete), and F (Failure) are counted as credits attempted but not successfully completed.

Courses dropped before the published add/drop date each term do not count as attempted.

Transfer credits are neutral for a GPA and are counted as credits attempted and completed.

Quantitative Measures of Satisfactory Academic Progress
In addition to qualitative standards as outlined above, students must progress through their programs in a timely manner graduate students must successfully complete 70 percent of all credits attempted at Nichols College.

Academic progress will be reviewed annually following the spring semester.


Financial Aid Suspension

  • When students are on financial aid suspension or termination, they lose all eligibility for college, federal, and state aid, including student or parent loans.
  • Reminder: There could be situations where students are in good academic standing but fail to meet the academic standard for financial aid eligibility.

When a student has been placed on financial aid suspension, the Office of Financial Assistance may grant a semester of financial aid probation (reinstatement of aid eligibility) if there are documented circumstances that have affected the ability to maintain good academic standing. If a term of financial aid probation is granted, the student must meet the conditions of that probation as stated in the prescriptive plan. Failure to agree to or to meet those conditions will result in the loss of financial aid eligibility.

Students who have exceeded 150 percent of the required degree credits are not eligible for a probationary period.

This publication provides information concerning the programs at Nichols College and does not constitute a contract with the student.

The policies and procedures contained in the 2019-current Nichols College Catalog will remain in effect until otherwise noted. Nichols College reserves the right to change at any time the rules governing admission, tuition, fees, courses, the granting of degrees, or any other regulations affecting the campus community. Such changes are to take effect whenever college officials deem necessary.