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Graduate & Professional Studies


Auditing a Course Students may audit a graduate-level course, as long as prerequisites are met, space is available in the course, and the following stipulations are agreed to:

  • Students may only sign up to audit a course during add/drop week.
  • Students must pay the full tuition for the course.
  • Students cannot change the status of their course from an audited course to a credit-bearing course (or change from a credit-bearing course to an audited course) after the add/ drop period has ended.
  • Students are not required to take exams or hand in written assignments. Professors will be notified of a student’s audit status for a course and will not pursue auditing students to have them submit assignments. Students are, however, allowed to hand in assignments, take tests, and have their work graded by their professor.
  • The final course grade will be recorded as “AU” on the student’s academic transcript, regardless of graded work in the course, and will have no bearing on the student’s cumulative grade point average.
  • Audited courses are not applicable to degree programs.

Day Courses You may enroll in a course that is offered as part of the day program or during the day program hours. (Check with your advisor and the Registrar for any approvals that may be required.)

You will be charged the day rate of $1,100 per credit (for the 2016–2017 academic year) for all day courses. Taking 12 or more credits in the day program in any one term may cause you to be charged the full-time day rate.

You may be assessed some additional fees, such as a lab fee, a parking fee, or a SGA fee.

If you are using financial aid to assist in paying for your courses, please inform the Office of Student Financial Services about your enrollment in a day course, as registering for a day course incurs increased tuition and fees. This may affect your financial aid eligibility.

Graduation A mandatory fee of $150 will be charged to each student certified for graduation, regardless of whether or not he or she participates in the commencement ceremony.

  • The fee is charged for each degree earned.
  • The fee is charged in the March to April timeframe for May graduates. For degrees that are completed in August and December the fee is charged about a month after courses have ended and the degree list is completed by the Registrar's Office.
  • All financial obligations to the college must be met in order for the student to receive his or her degree.
  • The actual degrees are normally delivered to Nichols College eight to 10 weeks after graduation.
  • Graduation ceremonies are held once a year in May.

Returned Check Fee You will be charged $50 for each check that is returned to Nichols College for nonpayment by the issuing bank. Nichols College reserves the right to refuse to accept personal checks as payment. We may at our discretion accept only credit card payments or cashier's checks.

This publication provides information concerning the programs at Nichols College and does not constitute a contract with the student.

The policies and procedures contained in the 2019-current Nichols College Catalog will remain in effect until otherwise noted. Nichols College reserves the right to change at any time the rules governing admission, tuition, fees, courses, the granting of degrees, or any other regulations affecting the campus community. Such changes are to take effect whenever college officials deem necessary.